What We Do..

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading designer’s:-
Apart from creating a functional and quality interior environment qualified through education, experience and examination, as we can identify, research and creatively resolve issues that lead to a healthy, safe and comfortable physical environment, we provide various services including:
* Consulting services to help determine project goals and objectives
* Generating ideas for the functional and aesthetic possibilities of the space
* Creating illustrations and renderings
* Developing documents and specifications relative to interior spaces in compliance with applicable building and safety codes
* Allocating, organizing and arranging a space to suit its function
* Monitoring and managing construction and installation of design
* Selecting and specifying fixtures, furnishings, products, materials and colours
* Purchasing products and fixtures
* Designing and managing fabrication of custom furnishings and interior details
* Designing lighting and specifying

We are concerned with aesthetics, style and mood, and have comprehensive training with commanding skills that include an understanding of:
* Flame spread ratings, smoke, toxicity and fire rating classifications and materials
* Space planning for public and private facilities
* National, state and local building codes
* Standards regarding the needs of disabled or elderly persons and other special need groups
* Ergonomics
* Lighting quality and quantity
* Acoustics and sound transmission

We also works with only surface decoration - paint, fabric, furnishings, lighting and other materials for large areas . We also work towards making a space attractive .In addition to the aesthetics of a space, we creates a space that is functional, efficient and safe that enhances the quality of the working and living environment.

Consult Design & Interiors for space planning in your offices:
When you’re planning an office move, thinking of refitting commercial premises or responsible for managing a major refurbishment, you need expert advice and project management from a company you can trust.
Design and Interiors Expert team has been winning clients’ confidence for over a decade. At Design and Interiors, We tailor our design, refurbishment and fitting-out services to meet organisations’ individual needs, and we have a track record of success in projects ranging from simple refits to multi-million pound refurbishments.
Our comprehensive service portfolio includes space audits, design, construction of new interiors and full relocation management. We can also help select property, create temporary office space and manage out-of-hours refurbishments to occupied space - with the absolute minimum disruption to business.
Whatever the size and complexity of the project, our aim is simple: we design office space to suit your organisation, and create the results you need . . . on budget and on time.

The Benefits of using Design & Interiors:
* Single point of responsibility
* Complete accountability
* Faster completion times
* Less expensive
* Less hassle


We provide a very professional and comprehensive fit-out & refurbishment service from taking the initial brief through to completion & handover. And there is no substitute for experience & we have a highly successful track record with our in-house project management team and highly qualified & experienced tradesmen covering nearly ten years of contracting.
We have a very sound commercial sense and take a personal pride in delivering a project on time & within budget. With our team of skilled project managers & tradesmen we consider the needs of every project to be unique & we work closely, with the client, through all phases of the project from design and preconstruction to actual building work & post-construct requirements to guarantee a seamless service throughout.


Throughout the project we remain the single point of responsibility for delivery of service. We accurately control what happens during the project from your initial design through to construction. We shoulder full responsibility for the whole project. We are your single point of contact and if there is a problem along the way, then it's our problem to sort out & not the clients.
We provide a total package giving the client the advantage of dealing with one company to manage every aspect of the project (one point of contact with one point of responsibility & not a whole multitude of contractors to chase, supervise & coordinate).


* Interior fit-out & refurbishment
* Exterior decoration & small building works
* Demountable partitioning & dry-lining
* Painting & decoration
* Mechanical & electrical services
* Air conditioning & lighting systems
* Raised floors & suspended ceilings
* General flooring & carpet tiles
We define what is needed for the project :
* Document planning & project phasing
* Budgeting & conceptual costing
* Appropriate delivery methods
* Scheduling of building priorities
* Procurement of materials
* Equipment & labour resources


The Services that we may offer you regarding necessary interior enhancement of any SPACEafter completion of the basic civil construction:
* Designing Work (including Civil modification and over-all interiors)
* Landscaping related Works,
* Electrical conduit related Work
* Earthing Installation related Work
* Sanitary and plumbing related Work
* Flooring related Work
* Air-Conditioning System related Work
* Fire Protection System (Fire Sensor + Fire Fighting System) related Work
* Security System (Access Control + C.C. TV etc.) related Work
* Telephony System (EPABX) related Work
* Computer Networking (LAN) related Work
* Public Address (Sound) System related Work
* Automation System related Work
* False Ceiling related Work
* Carpentry Works
* Acquiring Modular Furniture & Fixtures (Desks, Chairs, Beds, Trolleys, etc.
* Finishing (Paint, Polish etc.) related Work
* Furnishing (Curtains, Blinds, Upholstery etc.) related Work
* Medical Instruments installation related Work
* Glass (Plain, Designed and Tempered) related Work
* Special Doors (Lead inserted/ Fire-Proof) related Work
* Display (Logo, Public Notification Boards/Tags etc.) related Work
* Electrical fixtures ( Lights & Other necessary gadgets) installation related Work
* Pantry / Cuisine related Work
* Aluminium Partition and Aluminium Composite Panel related Work
* Over-all Beautification (Paintings, Indoor plants, Utility-stands, etc.) related Work.